Create: Painted Eggs

Happy Good Friday! We have spent this week talking about Spring and looking for signs that the season is here. Buds on trees, wildflowers, birds, bugs… all sorts of things are in bloom and growing and changing. We’ve also been talking about Easter, what it means, and why we celebrate it. Yesterday we finally had a chance to paint the… Read more →

Create: B is for Butterflies

We use an eclectic curriculum with Caleb and Hank, but as its base we use Oak Meadow‘s Kindergarten Curriculum. Oak Meadow is a Waldorf-based program, and their philosophy fits in well with how we want to raise and teach the kids. So far, we’ve loved it — especially the way all of the subjects are integrated.   A few weeks… Read more →

Homeschooling: Why We Do It

What image comes to mind when you think of “homeschooling”? I bet it’s based on your experiences (or lack of experience) with other homeschoolers. Some people homeschool for religious or faith reasons. Others homeschool based on need (travel, location, etc). And still others homeschool because they are unhappy with the direction that traditional schooling has taken. And, just as there… Read more →

Adventure: Sherwood Forest Faire

We are festival people. If there’s some sort of family-friendly fest in the area, you can bet that we’ve at least discussed going. But it has been years since we made it out to a Renaissance Faire. The Texas Renaissance Festival near Houston is amazing, but it is a huge commitment for us to go, both in time and money.… Read more →

Hike It Baby 30

We started our Hike it Baby 30 adventure today, and it was a great experience. We drove out to Canyon Lake to the Madrone Trail and hiked 1.56 miles, which took us about an hour. The kids loved seeing the signs of different animals, and looking at the different types of rock and vegetation on the trail. As we walked,… Read more →

Let Them Play

This is a common scene in our home: a tent under the kitchen table, with a “pallet” that serves as a play mat, a picnic area, and a nap space. This tent can become whatever the kids need it to be, whether it’s a cabin, or a spaceship, or a truck. Sometimes it’s a way to sail on the ocean.… Read more →

Review: Risaroo Woven’s Sagitta Sorbet and Dahlia

Babywearing is a big part of our everyday lives. I wear Hank while we run errands, while we hike through the woods, while I do chores around the house, while we go to the big kids’ activities… in other words, he is worn on my back or hip for at least part of every day. This has been true since… Read more →

Create: Play Dough

Sensory play is so important to a child’s development. What is sensory play? Anything that stimulates at least one of a child’s five senses. It’s about allowing kids to explore and learn about their world through their senses, and helps children develop cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally, as well as helping to foster creativity. This week’s big sensory project at… Read more →

Fall Crafts: Foam Pumpkins

  We have “preschool at home,” which basically consists of crafts, outdoor activities, and games. Basically, we try and create something at least once a week. Last week we chose a really simple, cheap option: foam pumpkins. Joann’s Crafts had all of their Fall and Halloween crafts on sale, so we got a bucket of jack-o-lanterns and a bucket of… Read more →

It’s Fall, Y’all

We finally had a decent cool front, and early mornings are delightful around here. Clear skies and soft, golden morning light with just the right amount of crispness in the air. We have been trying to spend as much time as possible outside while it’s nice, so this morning we headed to the park as soon as the middle school… Read more →