Create: B is for Butterflies

We use an eclectic curriculum with Caleb and Hank, but as its base we use Oak Meadow‘s Kindergarten Curriculum. Oak Meadow is a Waldorf-based program, and their philosophy fits in well with how we want to raise and teach the kids. So far, we’ve loved it — especially the way all of the subjects are integrated.


A few weeks ago, we studied the letter B. Our activities included reading a story (The Three Bears), drawing B’s and “running” them outdoors, and pretending to be butterflies with playsilk wings.



But one of our best projects came out of the Oak Meadow First Book of Crafts. Our “B is for Butterflies” turned out great, and they were fun to make. Here is what you need to do it, too:

  • Colored tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Old-fashioned (non-spring) clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • String (for hanging them once they’re done)


We chose to make “double winged” butterflies to take advantage of all of our beautiful tissue paper colors. We wanted a rainbow of butterflies for our kitchen. So, we chose two coordinating colors of tissue paper and folded them in half, together. Then we drew a “B” with an extra bit at the back (to slide into the slot in the clothes pin — I suggest lining up a clothes pin where you want your B and loosely measuring). We cut out our “B”s, making sure each B was a set of two colors of tissue paper.


Then we started putting them together.


Put a line of glue into the clothespin slot.




Then slide in the piece of tissue paper you’d like to be on the outside/bottom of the butterfly wing.




Next, add a little more glue into the seam from your first set of wings.




Add your second wing and arrange your wings the way you want them.


When they’re dry (it doesn’t take long), add a pipe cleaner to the “head” for the antennae.




When you’re done, you can tie string around them, just at the top of the wings (between the wings and the head) and hang from the ceiling, or make a mobile with sticks and more string.






It’s a fun and easy project, and it used things that we already had in our craft box. What is your favorite spring craft project? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment!

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