Create: Painted Eggs

Happy Good Friday! We have spent this week talking about Spring and looking for signs that the season is here. Buds on trees, wildflowers, birds, bugs… all sorts of things are in bloom and growing and changing. We’ve also been talking about Easter, what it means, and why we celebrate it. Yesterday we finally had a chance to paint the wooden eggs we bought several weeks ago. We found them in the woodcrafts aisle at our local Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure they can be found at other craft and fabric stores as well.


To do this project you need:

  • Wooden eggs
  • Acrylic or tempera paints
  • Paint-on glitter
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water
  • Clean up stuff (we use a flexible cutting board and keep a roll of paper towels within reach)




The boys really, really love to paint. Caleb has moved into craft acrylics and understands how to ONLY paint on the project and how to wash his brush between colors. Hank is still in the paint-eating stage, so he sticks with non-toxic, washable temperas. I buy them in very large jars and we go through them pretty quickly.




We picked our colors, got our supplies set out, and divided up the eggs. There were four in the package, so Caleb got two, Hank got one, and I got another. Mine ended up being painted twice, because Caleb added to it for me.




The process was really simple. They slathered paint on to their eggs, and then we cleaned up and let them dry. Once the eggs were totally dry, I brushed on some glitter, just because. Clean up took awhile, because Hank had as much fun painting his hands as he did painting his egg.






Here is the finished product! We aren’t dyeing eggs here this year, and this was a really fun alternative.



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