Fall Crafts: Foam Pumpkins


We have “preschool at home,” which basically consists of crafts, outdoor activities, and games. Basically, we try and create something at least once a week. Last week we chose a really simple, cheap option: foam pumpkins. Joann’s Crafts had all of their Fall and Halloween crafts on sale, so we got a bucket of jack-o-lanterns and a bucket of Halloween characters for a couple of dollars each. The foam face pieces already have adhesive on them, and the googly eyes are included (but they need glue). Caleb had so much fun creating his very own jack-o-lanterns, and we have a bunch of supplies left over for next year, or for an impromptu Fall playdate.

DSC_2997102214 DSC_2999102214 DSC_3004102214

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