Review: Risaroo Woven’s Sagitta Sorbet and Dahlia

Babywearing is a big part of our everyday lives. I wear Hank while we run errands, while we hike through the woods, while I do chores around the house, while we go to the big kids’ activities… in other words, he is worn on my back or hip for at least part of every day. This has been true since he was born, and I’ve worn all of my other kids, too. So, comfortable, quality carriers are really important in my house. We’ve used pouches, ring slings, stretchy wraps, mei tais, and buckle (soft structured) carriers, but we reach for woven wraps most often because of their versatility and comfort. I’m a ring slinger and wrapper at heart, y’all.

A LOT of wraps have come through these doors since we first started hard-core woven wrap babywearing. We have had some gorgeous wraps that we loved, but that just didn’t end up working for us as our needs changed. Others were fantastic until we tried something else, and realized we needed to move on. And some have just visited for awhile, on loan from friends or generous wrap makers.

One of those is the new Risaroo Wovens Sagitta Sorbet. When Marisa messaged me to let me know that I had been chosen as a tester, I was thrilled. Their designs and colorways are gorgeous, and I had been itching to try one. When she said it was a new, secret blend, I was intrigued.

I can now say that this secret blend contains Tencel, and it is truly amazing. It’s a natural, but man made, fiber that is created from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees. It is a very breathable, strong, durable, soft, and eco-friendly option, and I’m excited to see it being introduced into the babywearing world.


First of all, the golden yellow color is absolutely stunning in person. It shimmers, and it’s the perfect, happy blend of yellow and orange. The photo above is probably the most accurate — as lovely as the color is, it’s very difficult to accurately capture on camera, even with a good custom white balance. The wrap itself was surprisingly soft right out of the box. But after a wash and dry the true beauty of the Tencel/cotton combination is revealed — it feels like your favorite t-shirt after just one or two washes. It felt heavy, but as I unwrapped it I realized that it it was actually not a thick wrap. Hmmmmm. Interesting.


After our first wrap, we were in love. It’s soft. It’s super supportive. It’s cool (which is important in the South Central Texas heat). It totally rocks a double hammock. And it has just the right amount of shoulder cush to help make both me and my 25 lb toddler comfortable. The passes glide beautifully, and then stay in place because of the light pattern texture.


My 40 lb preschooler didn’t want to be left out. And wow. I’m not gonna say that he was weightless, but it was more comfortable than pretty much any other carrier we have tried with this heavy kid.


We played with it for two weeks and wore it around the house, to the park, to the grocery store, while organizing the garage, and to babywearing events. The color really brightened our mood and drew a lot of attention from admirers. Even the reverse side is gorgeous. And I was so sad the day we sent it back.


But you know what? Risaroo Wovens released two more colors in this blend, and both are gorgeous. I had a tough time deciding between Sorbet, Spice, and Dahlia, but eventually Dahlia won out. So even though we had to give Sorbet back, Dahlia took her place. And I think she’ll be here for a very, very long time. She is every bit as amazing as Sorbet, and the deep crimson is perfect for fall.

DSC_3006102514 DSC_3008102514 DSC_3011102514

A big thank you to Marisa at Risaroo Wovens for letting us try Sagitta Sorbet, and for introducing us to Sagitta Dahlia. It’s love.

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