Let Them Play


This is a common scene in our home: a tent under the kitchen table, with a “pallet” that serves as a play mat, a picnic area, and a nap space. This tent can become whatever the kids need it to be, whether it’s a cabin, or a spaceship, or a truck. Sometimes it’s a way to sail on the ocean. Other times it’s a refuge from hot lava. It’s always fun to see what it will become for them.

As our kids get older, I am even more convinced that play is a vital part of their social, emotional, and physical development. The experts agree with me. Free play helps kids develop motor skills, experiment with roles, solve problems, and learn how to cooperate and resolve conflict. It also helps foster creativity and allows kids to use their imaginations.

Our goals this fall are to spend less time on screens, and more time outdoors. We’ve joined the Hike it Baby 30 challenge and I’m so excited about getting out and exploring with the kids. I also have a series of at home crafts and experiments that everyone be a part of. What do you and your family have planned for this fall?

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