Hike It Baby 30


We started our Hike it Baby 30 adventure today, and it was a great experience. We drove out to Canyon Lake to the Madrone Trail and hiked 1.56 miles, which took us about an hour. The kids loved seeing the signs of different animals, and looking at the different types of rock and vegetation on the trail.

As we walked, it occurred to me that there’s no way we could do this as a family without babywearing. Hank was up high and comfortable, and having a good wrap let me carry him comfortably, too. He got to be a part of the hike, even though he’s really too little for a trail like this.

We ended the day at the Canyon Lake Marina, feeding the ducks and fish and having a snack at a lakeside barbeque place. I can’t wait to do this again! We have another 28.5 miles to go to meet this month’s challenge!

IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0247 IMG_0248 IMG_0249

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